Top 6 Ways To Destroy A Beautiful Smile

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6. Be a Builder Not a Wrecker Bacteria is constantly trying to build an empire in your mouth, give it what it wants: juice, soda, chewy candy for the small crevices and hard to reach surfaces! 5. Let Acid Rock It! Energy drinks, diet soda, red wine, coffee, tea. Great at staining and wearing away…

Limiting Sugar Intake For Healthier Los Angeles Kids

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Limiting Sugar Intake In Los Angeles For Better Oral Health

Every health-conscious Los Angeles parent knows that sugar is the number one cause of cavities for California kids – and plenty of us adults also snack on too many sweet snacks and beverages. Because of cavity risks, low nutritional value, and high calorie content, many Los Angeles parents want to limit the sugar in their…

Our Top Priority At Century City Aesthetic Dentistry In Los Angeles

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Cosmetic Dentistry At Century City Aesthetic Dentistry

At Century City Aesthetic Dentistry, our passion is helping Beverly Hills patients achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. Dr. Bill Dorfman’s considerable experience, advanced skills, and exacting standards ensure the ultimate in patient satisfaction. Because each Los Angeles man, woman, and child has unique dental needs, we develop a personalized treatment plan that…