written testimonials

Dr. Dorfman is fabulous, an artist of teeth one of a kind dentist, my angel who came to my rescue yesterday after having an atrocious mouth restoration done recently from another dentist. I went to Dr. Dorfman for only a consultation help me with a plan to restore my smile, I flew from San Jose, when he met me seeing the destruction in my mouth how bad my teeth looked, Dr. Dorfman and his wonderful professional staff team took over my urgent emergency situation, made the time to give me the most beautiful provisional temporary teeth until I come back for my permanent restoration appointments. Dr. Dorfman is a fabulous dentist and person I can’t thank him enough for how he cared for me, made a quick decision to help me right away. I will never forget it!! He is the most fantastic professional compassionate dentist ever, his team is professional everyone made me feel comfortable, fantastic customer service when knowing I was so distressed. I’m so grateful I met Dr Dorfman and his staff, how he made my new teeth smile look so good so fast in one appointment. I look forward to my next appointments giving me my permanent teeth restoration. I was so blessed to have met Dr. Dorfman who took care of me on our first meeting and know I will have the best smile restoration I could ever imagine when finished. I highly recommend Dr. Dorfman a 5 star plus wouldn’t go to any other dentist he is the ultimate best doctor dentist in the world! America’s best in every way! God Bless you Dr. Dorfman.  Angela F.

Dr. Dorfman is the best dentist I have ever had. His dedication to his patients is above and beyond and he is truly an artist of dentistry! ­ Kimberly Q.

Dr Dorfman is simply awesome! His work is thorough and state of the art. Clearly he is very successful in his field of dentistry and is trusted by many, myself included. His practice is complemented by his ethos of being very caring and personable towards his patients, which is also evident throughout the members of his team that I have worked with. I cannot speak highly enough about his Office Manager, Sennette, who has often gone beyond her normal duties by helping me find my way around LA. ­ Ann D.

For anyone with a dentist phobia, this is the office to visit. The dentists and staff are excellent, knowledgeable, efficient, up­to­date with the latest technology and caring. And I feel little to no pain with any treatments. For my dental health care, I would only go to Dr. Dorfman or his associates for treatment. ­ Michael P.

Everyone in Dr. Dorfman’s practice is simply extraordinary!!! ­ Pamera L.

Dr. Dorfman is a true artist, he is simply amazing and I don’t believe anyone could even come close to his quality of work. I had a lot of work done and I didn’t feel a thing! His entire staff made me feel welcome from the moment I walked in. Thanks to Luis & Sennette especially! I never thought I would look forward to a Dentist visit but I do!! ­ Sheila Y.

I love everyone at Dr. Dorfman’s office! Dr. Dorfman inspires me! Great people, amazing offices, and the latest technological gadgetry, add to that Dr. Dorfman’s experience and reputation, is what I call the premier care, of dental care. ­ Malek N.

EVERYONE at Dorfman’s office are so professional, skilled and friendly. You don’t have to be famous to be seen here but they will make you feel famous (and you never know who you will see in the waiting room). I drive 4 1/2 hrs to see Dr Dorfman, he is the BEST, GENTLEST and CARING DENTIST you will ever find. I would never consider going anywhere else. And my hygienist is so good. I used to have to see a periodontist before I met the hygiene team, but after my first cleaning, I only have to see them. This team is unbelievable and if you need to see other Dr’s, they set everything up for you and even make it so you can go right over. They all use the latest and greatest hi­tech equipment from the receptionist to the Dentist and everyone in between. I had such a fear of dentists before meeting Dr. Dorfman that I wouldn’t go unless it was an emergency. They have everything available to make you comfortable. I can’t say enough about Dr. Dorfman and his team, once you go here, you won’t want to go anywhere else! ­ Janet C.

I feel blessed to have Dr. Dorfman as my dentist. He’s a celebrity dentist to the stars, but his personality is that of a humble doctor who takes pride in helping every patient. I wanted a lovely smile. Dr. Dorfman gave me a million dollar smile. ­ S.M.

The services that I received was excellent and I enjoyed meeting with you Dr. Dorfman as I was thoroughly surprised and impressed as I certainly did not expect you to be present. That was truly amazing and an awesome feeling. Even more amazing than that, each member of your staff that I met had a wonderful personality. Each area mentioned above deserves a 5 star rating. Ms. Sennett, thank you so much for everything. ­ Donna F.

Great service and the best dental work available! ­ Mitchel B.

Dr Dorfman went way out of his way to make sure my experience was as painless as possible. I absolutely respect the importance of dental health and I always pay to have my teeth in good shape but i hate having to be in the chair, doing the work. Dr. Dorfman understands this and really tried hard to make my experience painless and comfortable. So ­ two thumbs up for extra care and effort. ­ Tracy M.

Dr. Dorfman is a great dentist and most importantly a remarkable person. His attention to detail is amazing making him a perfectionist at what he does. The staff is is very professional and supportive and you become attached to the family atmosphere that exists in his clinic. ­ Anonymous

Great Job by everyone at Dr. Dorfman’s office. I always love going there. Everyone is very courteous and efficient (ask for Irene the dental hygienist). When Irene does my teeth cleaning, I don’t even feel that it’s being done. She glides over your teeth, leaving them bright and shiny. ­ Salvator

Dr. Dorfman and all of his staff always make me feel like I’m in great care. This recent adventure with my tooth has been made much easier by the excellent work of Dr. Loosvelt and Felicia. While I never wish anyone to endure any of the pain, if you have to go through it, they’re the best. ­ Andrew F.

Excellent. I’ve never felt so comfortable and taken care of at any other dentist in the past. ­ Natalie R.

Not too much more to say. Everyone at the office is great, always smiling and ready to say nice things to all. I definitely appreciate all the time and work and attention that I get from everyone. See ya! Love, Myra

They say first impressions is of the utmost importance because it gives you a clue of what you can expect. I was treated with the utmost respect on my first visit. The staff was extremely pleasant. Dr. Dorfman is exactly what I had expected, professional, caring and honest. I walked in with a smile that I was so self conscience about and I walked out happy to smile again. I am so glad I made this office visit; I’ve found my dentist and staff. Thank you! ­ Anonymous

Dr. Dorfman and the entire staff are very professional, caring and absolutely excellent at what they do. Over 15 years ago, I interviewed what I considered to be the top 5 dentists in the Los Angeles area to do some major dental work on my teeth because I was having pain at the upper front teeth and much of my enamel had worn off. Thanks to Dr. Dorfman, not only have I been pain free now for so long, the teeth look great and they last! About 7 years ago, I also had my lower arch completed by Dr. Dorfman & Dr. Loosvelt because much of the enamel had also previously worn off. The hygiene team have also done excellent jobs cleaning my teeth. Generally kind and excellent at what they do! ­Leo D.

Love Dr. Dorfman and everyone there! ­ Lesly

This may sound crazy…but I love coming to your office. From Sennette to Dr. Loosvelt and Felicia…you could not be nicer or warmer or more welcoming in addition to being a great dental office! It is a pleasure to be there! Thank you all! ­ Carole J.

This was a great dental appointment, and I’ve had enough of them lately to appreciate this. Dr. Dorfman was thoughtful in his second opinion, forthcoming with information, and incredibly thorough. I will be returning to him for all my general dentistry going forward. ­ Anonymous

I used to be so afraid of going to the dentist, that I had to be sedated to get my teeth cleaned. Ever since I’ve been going to Susie, I no longer fear going and I actually look forward to it. I get my teeth cleaned twice a year and it never hurts. Thanks Dr. Dorfman, Susie and Staff! ­ Drew P.