Excellence In Family Dentistry At Century City Aesthetic Dentistry

Excellence In Family Dentistry At Century City Aesthetic Dentistry

Welcome to the Century City Aesthetic Dentistry family dentistry blog. At Century City Aesthetic Dentistry in Los Angeles, we are proud of our legacy of dental excellence. If you are interviewing family dentists in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, or California, we invite you to visit us at Century City Aesthetic Dentistry in Los Angeles.

Our dental service menu includes general, cosmetic, and orthodontic services for every member of the family.


We create a pleasant dental experience for our youngest patients at Century City Aesthetic Dentistry. We want to make sure they look forward to visits and never develop dental anxiety.

If you have toddlers and young children, we can guide you in pediatric oral care, sealants, and fluoride treatments.

If you have older children and teens, in addition to general dentistry, we provide orthodontic services, custom sports mouth guards, and wisdom teeth removal.

Hundreds of Century City Aesthetic Dentistry patients have dramatically improved their smile with the marvels of cosmetic dentistry including smile redesigns.

Cosmetic dentistry techniques and materials are better than ever and some procedures can be completed in just one visit!

At Century City Aesthetic Dentistry, we treat you like family. To schedule an exam and cleaning, call us at 877-703-7062.

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You deserve a billion dollar smile

4 Surprising Things to Know about Invisalign Braces

invisalignIf you’ve been talking to your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist about Invisalign braces, you’ve probably learned a lot about their benefits as well as their drawbacks. However, here are four things that you may be surprised to learn about Invisalign braces.

Some People Lose Weight

While Invisalign braces aren’t meant for weight-loss, some patients have found that wearing them for 20 to 22 hours a day can affect their eating habits. After all, you have to remove them every time you eat or drink anything other than water.

Since the aligners need to fit snug on your teeth in order to provide the ultimate straightening benefit, some people find it a hassle to remove them very often. Therefore, they remove them less frequently. The result is as much as a 15-pound loss in weight, according to some.

Certain Beverages are Problematic

Drinking cold water with your braces in place is fine. However, hot beverages can affect the shape and, therefore, the fit of the aligners. Additionally, some dentists suggest that you avoid sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages as well.

Normally, saliva helps break down and wash away food particles. The difficulty with Invisalign braces is that the aligner trays can hamper the ability of saliva to do its job. That’s why your Century City cosmetic dentist routinely reminds patients about the need to brush after every meal.

Many Dentists Add Attachments

One of the many benefits of wearing Invisalign braces is the fact that they are virtually invisible. However, some dental patients have difficult dental conditions that require additional features to get the best results.

That’s when some dentists will use strategically placed attachments to help move some teeth, while keeping others stationary. Attachments enhance the braces’ ability to move. Be sure to speak with your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist about your particular situation and if attachments are necessary for you.

It’s Important to Brush Often

Generally, most dental professionals recommend brushing two to three times daily. However, with Invisalign you may find yourself brushing more often.

Specifically, you’ll need to brush, floss, and rinse after eating anything. Otherwise, you increase your chances of trapping food particles and plaque when you wear your aligners. The result is an increased risk of cavities, periodontal disease, and bad breath.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to fix your smile, Invisalign braces may be the right choice for you. Take time to speak with your Century City cosmetic dentist about how Invisalign can give you a better smile.

Protect Yourself from Tooth Loss this Summer

dentist-01Tooth loss may occur anytime during the year, especially for active school-age children who play sports. However, summer generally increases the entire family’s outdoor activity level. With more fun comes the potential for an increased risk of tooth loss requiring a special trip to your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist.

Protect Active Children and Adults from Tooth Loss

According to statistics, the primary source of tooth and mouth injuries is sports. In fact, 40 percent of dental injuries occur during sports activities. That doesn’t mean you and your children have to sit on the sidelines. However, it does suggest that it’s important to take precautions.

Statistics suggest that children aged seven to ten have the most sports-related injuries at nearly 60 percent. Specifically, baseball, biking, hockey, and basketball produce the most injuries, although the highest number of orofacial injuries for males is generally found in wrestling and basketball; for females, it was basketball and field hockey. The most frequent injuries included lip and tongue lacerations, and jaw fractures.

When your children (or you) play sports, particularly organized sports, be sure they wear the necessary protective gear. Depending on the activity, this may include:

  • A mouth guard to protect teeth and gums;
  • A face cage, like those worn by a baseball catcher; and/or
  • A helmet, when riding a bike, skateboard, or motorbike, or even while playing football. Although it will not protect your mouth, it will protect your head.

Interestingly, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, recommends a mouth guard for youth participating in any organized sports. The American Dental Association, on the other hand, recommends wearing one for more than three dozen sports activities including acrobatics, handball, skydiving, and water polo.

Receiving Treatment for Mouth Injuries

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide whether to visit a dentist after a mouth injury. Health care professionals recommend contacting your primary health care provider or your Century City cosmetic dentist whenever there is:

  • Pain, tenderness, or sensitivity in a tooth
  • A broken, loose, or missing tooth
  • Bleeding that doesn’t stop
  • Pain in the jaw
  • An object stuck anywhere in the mouth
  • Difficulty swallowing or breathing
  • A large cut or hole inside or outside the mouth
  • A potential puncture in the back of the throat
  • Weakness, numbness, blurred vision, or slurred speech
  • A fever or signs of infection

To prevent tooth loss during extended physical activities it’s important to be proactive, take precautions to protect yourself ahead of time. If you’re unsure what protective gear is right for you or your child, talk to your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist.

3 Big Mistakes People Make When Brushing Their Teeth

Good oral hygiene should be a no-brainer. After all, as your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist can tell you, anything you use as often as you do your teeth, requires frequent cleaning. Yet, according to statistics, only about half of all adults brush twice and floss once daily.

Regardless of your current daily dental care practices, here are three big mistakes people often make when it comes to caring for their teeth.

Decide it’s Okay Not to Floss

Even if you’re tired at the end of a long day, it’s important to take the time to floss before you go to sleep. Flossing is a major part of getting your teeth and gums clean. Unfortunately, only about 50 percent of all Americans floss on a daily basis.

According to dental experts, flossing “does about 40 percent of the work” needed to remove oral bacteria, especially between your teeth. These bacteria are what lead to cavities and gum disease. Left untreated, gum disease damages your teeth and gums, and eventually your jawbone, destroying your smile.

Brush Their Teeth Incorrectly

One of the biggest mistakes your Century City cosmetic dentist is aware that people make is not watching themselves in the mirror when they brush their teeth. The result is that they don’t really know if they’re brushing correctly. Here are some common mistakes:

  • Brushing too hard. Brushing too hard can damage your tooth enamel, especially if you brush sideways.
  • Holding your toothbrush wrong. Hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and brush in small circles, focusing on a few teeth at a time.
  • Forgetting your gums. Bacteria gather at the gum line and causes gum disease, so make sure to clean your gums as you brush your teeth.
  • Missing your back molars. They can be difficult to reach with a toothbrush as well as with floss. However, they’re as susceptible to oral bacteria as the rest of your mouth.

Additionally, be sure to choose a toothbrush with soft bristles and a small head, and replace it regularly (every 3 to 4 months).

Forget to Rinse Afterwards

Once you’ve flossed and brushed your teeth, don’t forget to rinse afterwards. Swishing with an alcohol-free, ADA-approved mouth rinse eliminates the harmful debris that you just stirred up.

To rinse properly, vigorously swish a small amount of mouth rinse around in your mouth for about 30 seconds. Then carefully tip you head back and gargle in order to rinse the back of your mouth and your throat. Afterwards, spit the mouth rinse out completely. Take care not to swallow it.

At the end of the day, if you have any questions about how to care for your teeth and gums properly, talk to your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist.

3 Questions to Ask Before Getting Dental Veneers

dental-20150504-63 Questions to Ask Before Getting Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a great way to get a natural looking, stain-resistant smile. However, before you decide that dental veneers are right for you, speak with your Century City cosmetic dentist and ask these questions.

Are dental veneers right for me?

While there are several reasons why you might want to consider dental veneers, there are a number of reasons why some individuals are poor candidates for the procedure. Most dentists will tell you dental veneers are not right for people whose mouth has:

  • Cavities
  • Gum disease
  • Fractured teeth
  • Large dental fillings
  • Inadequate tooth enamel

Additionally, if you grind your teeth or clench your jaw excessively, it may lead to cracked or chipped veneers. Wearing a night guard may be a potential solution. Otherwise, you might not be a good candidate for dental veneers.

What is involved in the dental veneer procedure?

There are several steps involved in the dental veneer process. Your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist will explain each one to you beforehand.

In the meantime, what you generally can expect before, during, and after receiving dental veneers is:

  • This first stage is to determine your needs and the steps required to achieve the desired results. Your Century City cosmetic dentist will likely examine your teeth, take x-rays, and explain the dental veneer process to you.
  • To prepare your teeth for dental veneers requires your dentist to shave the tooth enamel to compensate for the added thickness of the veneers. Once that is complete, your dentist takes an impression of your teeth for the lab.
  • After the lab returns the veneers (usually one to two weeks), your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist verifies they are the right fit and color. Then he preps each tooth and permanently attaches the veneers. He then uses a special light to activate the cement and secure the bond.

Once your dentist evaluates your new bite, he will likely make a follow-up appointment for one final review.

How do I care for dental veneers?

Dental veneers require no more care than your natural teeth. You’ll need to continue daily brushing and flossing as well as regular visits to your Century City cosmetic dentist. Additionally, even though dental veneers tend to be stain resistant, you should still limit your intake of stain-causing foods and beverages.

One last tip before deciding dental veneers are right for you. Dental veneers are not reversible. Once your dentist alters your enamel, there’s no going back. Additionally, you’ll probably need to replace them in 5 to 10 years.

The good news is what they do to a less-than-perfect smile. If the color, shape, and contours of your teeth are imperfect or you have fractures, gaps, and minor bite problems, dental veneers might be the right choice for you.

4 Reasons Dental Veneers are the Right Choice


You look in the mirror and realize you don’t like the look of your smile. Perhaps your teeth appear dingy or there is an unflattering gap between some of your teeth. There is a solution.

Dental veneers are thin porcelain or resin shells that your Century City cosmetic dentist bonds (permanently cements) to your teeth in order to change or restore the shape and color. They’re not right for everyone. However, here are four reasons you may want to find out if dental veneers are the right choice for you.

Dental Veneers Correct Chipped Teeth

Enamel may be the hardest tissue in the human body; however, you can still damage it. Trauma caused by falling, bumping into something, or biting on a hard object such as a popcorn kernel, can chip or break your tooth.

If this happens, contact your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist as soon as possible. Continued exposure may cause additional problems including infection or decay. It’s also a great time to ask about dental veneers to repair the damage.

Dental Veneers Correct Gaps

Having a million-dollar smile can mean a lot to a famous face. Yet, there are many celebrities, including Jorga Fox (“CSI”) and Anna Paquin (“True Blood”), who embrace their tooth gaps.

While a gap between your teeth (called diastema) isn’t necessarily cause for alarm, you may not like the look. That’s when a talk with your Century City cosmetic dentist can help you decide if dental veneers are right for you.

Dental Veneers Correct the Shape of Teeth

Uneven or irregular teeth, those that are longer or shorter than the rest, or even teeth with craters or bulges may appear unattractive and ruin your smile. Dental veneers can fix these problems.

They’re considered a more conservative way to correct the shape of your teeth because they don’t require the extensive shaping that crowns require. Additionally, they are stronger.

Dental Veneers Whiten a Discolored Smile

Your natural teeth can easily stain for a number of reasons, from the food you eat or the medications you take to the use of too much fluoride and certain dental treatments.

If you’ve tried tooth whitening and still feel that your teeth are not their brightest or if you have a single damaged tooth that stands out among the rest, it’s time to speak with your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist about dental veneers.

Keep in mind that the process is not reversible. Additionally, your teeth can still decay, so be sure to practice good oral hygiene. Finally, even though the veneer is less susceptible to stains than your natural teeth, try to avoid stain-causing food and drink whenever possible.

If you don’t have a smile that makes you happy because it’s dingy or your teeth are imperfect, talk to your Century City cosmetic dentist about dental veneers.


If Only I Had Taken Care Of My Teeth…

caring dentist Los Angeles

Brush. Floss. Get regular checkups. It will sound so simple when you have dentures.

How many times have you said, “If only!” “If only I had changed my oil,” “If only I had stayed in college,” ‘If only I had worn sunscreen.”

We hope you don’t ever say, “If only I had taken care of my teeth!” If you have neglected your teeth, we invite you to let us help you get back on track to oral health. At Century City Aesthetic Dentistry, we are dedicated to helping patients establish and maintain dental health. We help all of our patients feel relaxed and comfortable in a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere.

We have treated countless Los Angeles area patients who avoided the dentist in years past but have recommitted themselves to healthy oral habits. We can promise you that your overall physical health and happiness will increase if you start taking care of your teeth today.

We have an extensive menu of effective treatments for any dental problems you may currently have: cavities, stained teeth, chipped teeth, gum disease, broken crowns, old unsightly fillings, and even missing teeth.

Professional dental treatment is an essential investment in your most precious possession – your health. If you are worried about the cost of dental treatment, talk to us about dental financing. If you need extensive dental work, we can develop a treatment plan to get the work done over time and schedule it to fit your budget.

Whatever concerns have kept you from seeing a dentist – fear, finances, or the fact that you are just too busy – we hope you will recommit to your smile. We are here to help.

Call Century City Aesthetic Dentistry today at 877-703-7062!

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You deserve a billion dollar smile.

Oral Rinses: An Extra Measure Of Tooth Protection For California Kids

Oral Rinses: An Extra Measure Of Tooth Protection For California Kids

Hello, I’m Bill Dorfman of Century City Aesthetic Dentistry.

California parents usually know the basics on children’s oral health: limit sugar, make sure they brush and floss regularly, take them to the dentist for twice-yearly exams and cleanings, discourage between-meal snacking, see that they get enough calcium and vitamin D, etc. Many California parents also give their kids fluoride supplements if their municipal water supply has an inadequate level of fluoride.

Is there anything else a concerned California parent can do to promote children’s oral health? Yes! Have children use an oral rinse that contains fluoride.

Fluoride supplements help strengthen teeth that are still forming, but fluoride rinses help teeth that have already come in. A fluoride rinse is an added measure of protection.

I recommend California children use an oral rinse after they brush and floss. They should swish it around in their mouth for thirty seconds or so, and then spit it out. (Make sure your child doesn’t swallow it!) This should be the last substance in their mouth before they go to bed. The fluoride will remain on the teeth and help prevent new cavities from forming. It can also help stop any demineralization that has already begun by accumulating in the tiny fissures and fortifying the enamel.

At Century City Aesthetic Dentistry, we focus on preventative dentistry for Beverly Hills families. We believe that today’s California children can enjoy healthy teeth for life.

In addition to all general dentistry procedures, we also offer complete smile makeovers. If you are interested in transforming your entire smile with precision cosmetic dentistry, call us at 877-703-7062 to schedule an appointment.

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3 Additional Cavity Fighters For California Kids


Most California parents know children’s oral health basics: brush regularly, reduce sugar intake, limit snacking, and get adequate amounts of calcium and Vitamin D. Century City Aesthetic Dentistry recommends three additional tools for preventing cavities in toddlers and children.

Fluoride supplements
Oral rinses

Resin dental sealants are applied by your Beverly Hills dentist. The material bonds to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, protecting the pits and fissures from decay. Some California dental insurance providers cover dental sealants, so check with your provider if you are planning to get them for your kids.

Fluoride supplements help strengthen still-forming teeth prior to eruption. You can get a prescription from your California pediatrician or talk to us at Century City Aesthetic Dentistry in Los Angeles. There is one caveat, however: if you have fluoridated water, your pediatrician may advise against taking additional fluoride in supplement form.

If your child is taking fluoride supplements, is an oral rinse redundant? Actually, no. Fluoride supplements help strengthen teeth that are still forming, but a fluoride rinse helps teeth that have already come in. Oral rinses containing fluoride can be purchased at any Hollywood, Century City, or California grocery store. Make sure you buy one specifically formulated for children. Products labeled as a mouthwash are usually intended only for breath-freshening and may not contain fluoride.

I recommend California children use an oral rinse after they brush and floss at night. They are most effective when they are the last substance on teeth before kids go to bed.

At Century City Aesthetic Dentistry, we believe that with proper preventative dentistry, Beverly Hills area kids can enjoy healthy teeth for life

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Dental Sealants

Beverly Hills Family Dentist Dental sealants are a thin coat of clear resin that is applied to the biting surfaces of teeth, usually the rear molars. The back teeth are more prone to cavities because it  is difficult to reach them with a tooth brush and the surfaces contain pits and grooves that easily trap bacteria. It is hard for many adults to clean their back molars and almost impossible for our young California children.

Dental sealants fill in the pits and grooves on the rear molars to create a smooth surface. Beverly Hills family dentists most often recommend sealants for children’s permanent back teeth, though sometimes they are used for adults, too.

Los Angeles parents may not realize how quickly a cavity can form in a young child’s mouth. Many Century City area kids that we see develop cavities even before they start kindergarten! It is vital that our local parents start regular dental visits early. The American Dental Association advises that a child’s initial dental exam take place soon after the first tooth erupts, but no later than the toddler’s first birthday.

Dental sealants protect teeth that have no decay (primary prevention) and also prevent further decay progression in teeth that show very early signs of disease (secondary prevention).

At Century City Aesthetic Dentistry, we take special care of our Los Angeles pediatric dental clients. We want each child’s dental visits to be pleasant and painless so they will never develop a fear of the dentist. We advise parents on the specific dental issues associated with each stage of childhood. Ask us about fluoride, sports mouthguards, and orthodontic treatment.

I am Bill Dorfman of Century City Aesthetic Dentistry. I don’t believe that childhood cavities are unavoidable. Call my office at 877-703-7062 to schedule a Los Angeles pediatric dental exam.

I provide comprehensive restorative and cosmetic dentistry for Beverly Hills people of all ages. My office is located at 2080 Century Park E Ste 1601 in Los Angeles. You can learn more about my practice at https://www.billdorfmandds.com/meet-the-team/dr-dorfman/