5 Surprising Tooth-Friendly Foods

tooth-friendly-foodsAre you concerned that everything you eat has the potential to cause dental problems? Fear no more.

Yes, citrus can soften enamel, sugar leads to cavities, and nuts or other hard foods can cause tooth damage. However, there is good food that may aid in oral care. Here are five that your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist think might surprise you.

Raisins Act as Cavity Fighters

If you’re looking for a high-energy, low fat snack, raisins not only offer convenience, they are rich in iron and fiber. In fact, just one small box of raisins offers 0.8 milligrams of iron. That’s 8% of what men need and 5 % of what women need daily. When it comes to fiber, raisins provide more than two grams of fiber in just ¼ cup. Overall, raisins can improve digestion and lower your blood pressure.

More importantly, while dental experts generally shun raisins because of their natural sweetness and tendency to stick to teeth, some suggest that they actually may help fight cavities due to plant antioxidants. These phytochemicals “slowed or stopped the growth of two different types of bacteria commonly found in the mouth.”

Cheese Protects Against Tooth Decay

Everyone knows that dairy products are a great source of vitamin D and calcium. These two essential nutrients work together to promote healthy bones and teeth. However, cheese in particular offers even more dental health benefits.

When you eat hard cheese at the end of a meal, it neutralizes the acid and helps to maintain the pH level in your mouth. This, in turn, reduces the chance you’ll have tooth decay.

Leafy-Green Vegetables Activate Saliva, Reduce Cancer Risk

Of course, leafy-green veggies are good for you. They’re high in fiber, promote digestion, and help maintain cholesterol levels. But did you know they may improve your dental health as well?

Research conducted a few years ago showed that women smokers reduced their risk of oral cancer merely by eating green leafy vegetables. In general, researchers suggested that eating a well-balanced, healthy diet was beneficial.

Strawberries Whiten Teeth Naturally

Ask health experts and they’ll tell you that berries of all kinds, including strawberries, are good for you. Specifically, they’ve been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. However, unlike dark berries such as blueberries that are healthy because of their antioxidants but harmful because of their stain-causing properties, strawberries offer a natural enamel whitener.

Strawberries contain a substance called malic acid that acts as a natural tooth whitener. Some people even suggest making a paste with strawberries and applying it to your teeth. You may want to talk with your Century City cosmetic dentist first.

Carrots Help Clean Teeth

Along with being a low-calorie food, carrots are a superior source of vitamin A and the antioxidant beta-carotene. Health experts suggest they improve vision and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and many cancers.

However, a raw carrot also can help you scrub away plaque. Plaque is that filmy bacteria that grows on your teeth and gums. Chomp down on a medium-sized carrots or a handful of minis and you give your teeth a fighting chance.