Sore Tooth? Don’t Wait!

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Century City Aesthetic Dentistry patients who wait to have a sore tooth checked end up saying “I wish I had come sooner.” Even with all the various causes of mouth problems, a toothache sends a simple, clear message: “See your dentist!” And it seems like toothaches always get worse on Friday night right before the weekend. Preventive dentistry is key.

If you wait, the cost to treat it may get more expensive as the pain gets more extreme. Call Century City Aesthetic Dentistry now for a manageable yet critical consultation.

Mouth pain is never “normal.” Dr. Bill Dorfman will determine the cause of the pain so proper treatment can begin. Possible causes of pain include cavities, gum disease, a broken crown, mouth sores, bite issues, and TMD (temporomandibular disorder). Let Dr. Dorfman take care of you and you will quickly be back to pain-free eating, grimace-free speaking and better sleeping.

Dr. Dorfman, DDS is also well-versed in the latest cosmetic dental procedures and is dedicated to transforming smiles. Smile makeovers at Century City Aesthetic Dentistry boost confidence and improve a person’s overall presentation. Men and women who have invested in a smile makeover feel that their personal and professional relationships have benefited.

Book a consultation if you have question about dental implants, Invisalign or veneers. Century City Aesthetic Dentistry offers consumate care when it comes to Zoom whitening, porcelain veneers, smile design, dental crowns, and sedation dentistry.

Don’t wait to come to Century City Aesthetic Dentistry if a tooth demands your attention.