Smiles For Life

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Today I’ve decided to tell you all about an amazing program I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in called Smiles for Life. So first things first: what is Smiles for Life?  Teeth Whitening In Century City Benefits Children Worldwide

From March through June every year, numerous dental practices in the United States and Canada provide teeth whitening services to raise money for charity. These charities aren’t just ANY charities either – all of them specifically focus on childrens’ wellness in the United States and around the world. As if there wasn’t already enough reason to go to your Century City dentist, now is the perfect time to get that pearly white smile!

It’s a great cause and a great opportunity to have your teeth professionally whitened.  Like so many charities out there these days, a percentage of the donation goes to charity that directly benefits children in the US and abroad. UNLIKE other charities, 100% of your donation goes to these amazing charities! This yearly program has been whitening teeth and helping kids since 1998, raising a total of over 30 million dollars! You’re basically making a donation and receiving teeth whitening for free – why wouldn’t you do it?

So how can these dentists afford to give away free whitening every year? All of it is made possible by the Crown Council and Philips Oral Healthcare. Philips provides the participating Crown Council dentists with all of the necessary whitening procedure supplies, and the dentists voluntarily provide their services.

Since Smiles for Life happens every year from March through June, why not make teeth whitening a regular, yearly procedure? It’s also the perfect opportunity to schedule a regular dental health checkup! For many, the hardest part about getting to the dentist is just not wanting to go to the dentist until there’s already some kind of serious problem. If you’re going to the dentist to help out the kids of the world, you might as well get your checkup while you’re there and develop a healthy, regular dental check-up schedule.

I know what you’re thinking, “Doctor, why would I come into the dentist’s office to get my teeth whitened when I can just use whitening strips?”

Whitening strips do work. But the biggest differences between strips and supervised whitening are speed and effectiveness. When you come into the office for teeth whitening you have options. You can choose an in-office solution, Zoom! whitening, or opt for custom fitted take-home whitening systems. Both will get the job done, but Zoom! speaks for itself, it’s fast! Just three easy 15-minute sessions can whiten your teeth by up to 8 shades.

The take-home tooth whitening options  are molded for your specific needs. You can take these home and gradually transition to a whiter smile at your own pace, whether that is overnight while you’re sleeping, or at the office. These have a leg-up on your typical one-size-fits-all whitening strips because they are made specifically for your teeth.

Find a local participating dentist today at What’s your experience with whitening solutions? Tell me about it on twitter @DrBillDorfman!