Roll Call: Back to School Kids Checkup

Dental Health Century CityWith your kids back in school after a summer of indulgence, now is the perfect time for a oral health dental checkup. One of the most common reasons for missing school is a sore tooth or toothache. Avoid having your kids miss school and trying to get last-minute dental appointments by bringing them in to see a cosmetic dentist as well as teaching them good habits at home.

Keep your children smiling bright with these tips:

-Select a children’s toothpaste with fluoride. Find one that tastes good so they’ll want to brush longer.

-Your dentist should show them proper brushing technique. Make sure they cover every surface of every tooth. Keep them brushing as long as possible. Buy a colorful kids’ toothbrush to make brushing fun!

Limit sugared foods and drinks. This is a tough but important one. Sour candies are usually acidic and damage children’s teeth. Sodas and carbonated drinks can strip away the enamel. Kids love soda and candy, but try to find healthier, natural snack and beverage alternatives that are just as delicious.

Finally, is brushing or flossing more important for kids? In our opinion, there’s a little wiggle room..literally! Flossing isn’t necessary until permanent teeth come in by approximately twelve or thirteen years old. There is usually enough space between children’s teeth to allow a toothbrush to reach in and clean and stimulate the gums. However, make sure your kids brush their teeth regularly and develop healthy dental hygiene habits for a lifetime!