Don’t Put Off Your Exam! Dental Health in Century City

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No matter what age you are, dental exams are a vital part of keeping your smile healthy and beautiful! Be assured, the dental health of our Century City patients is always on our minds.

Knowledge is Power
Sometimes people put off dental exams because they seem unnecessary. But exams are truly one of the best procedures for the preventative dentistry we practice. They can help prevent serious issues, such as tooth loss, and head off what would otherwise be expensive dental procedures.

At each check up, our experienced and well trained hygienists thoroughly clean your teeth. Once they are polished sparkling clean, you will receive a thorough analysis. Your teeth inspected for signs of decay, gum recession, excessive wear, or other problems. Catching them early is crucial.

Peace of Mind
After your entire mouth has been examined, Dr. Dorfman will detail what is required moving forward. Whether that’s flossing more often or discussing general and family dentistry procedures, we will make certain that you get all the information you need to ensure your smile is bright and beautiful!

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