3 Ways to Keep Teeth Naturally Healthy and White

saladYou want your smile to look bright and fresh. You have a number of options, from over-the-counter strips and gels to in-office tooth whitening treatments. End of story, right? No.

Even if you whiten your teeth, you still have to care for them afterward. Along with conventional brushing, flossing, and regular visits to your Century City cosmetic dentist, you can take steps to help keep your teeth healthy and looking whiter naturally.

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Vegetables aren’t just good for your physical health. They’re good for your dental health as well. Crunchy fruits and vegetables, such as carrots and apples, act like a natural polish by removing stains on your teeth. The fact that they do it without harming the enamel is a genuine plus.

Additionally, chewing encourages saliva. Saliva contains proteins and minerals that protect your teeth from the bacteria in your mouth that causes cavities and gum disease. Plus saliva minimizes bad breath as well.

Enjoy Calcium-Rich Foods

Do you ever wonder why people eat fruit and cheese for dessert? As your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist can tell you, they’re a natural combination and a great way to end a meal.

We already know that hard fruits like apples polish your teeth. Well, cheese brings its own dental benefits. It counteracts the natural acids in your mouth that lead to dental erosion. Additionally, the calcium helps to build stronger enamel.

Enamel is the outer layer of your tooth. It protects the dentin. The dentin is one of four components of your teeth. It gives your tooth its structure and color.

While cheese is a great way to fight dental erosion and keep your teeth looking good, there are other calcium-rich foods. Almonds, sardines, milk, and yogurt all provide your body with the calcium it needs for healthy bones and teeth.

Next time you want a fattening, sugar-filled treat for dessert, try eating cheese and apples instead. It’ll keep your smile shiny and bright and your enamel strong.

Drink Lots of Water

As we’ve already mentioned, saliva is an important part of good oral health. A dry mouth puts you at risk of bad breath, tooth decay, periodontal disease, and diseases such as thrush. It also can make it difficult to wear dentures.

Drinking water not only helps your mouth remain moist, it’s beneficial to your general health and aids in the manufacture of saliva. Additionally, 70 percent or more of the water supply throughout the country offers fluoridated water. Dental experts like your Century City cosmetic dentist suggest that fluoride helps prevent tooth decay.

So next time you’re thirsty, instead of drinking a soda or flavored water, pour yourself a glass from the tap. And keep your teeth naturally healthy and white by including plenty of fruits, vegetables, and calcium-rich foods in your diet.

5 Secrets to Keep Your Smile Looking Young and Healthy

appleOne thing we all have in common is we grow older every day. The signs of aging include thinning hair, wrinkles, skin spots, and a fading smile. Specifically, as we age tooth enamel wears away as teeth yellow and stain.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may have visions of chocolate sweets in your head. However, your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist wants to remind you that even though a little indulgence is okay, good oral health is important if you want to keep your smile looking young and healthy. Here are five secrets you can employ at home.

Floss without Fail

Even one day without flossing opens your gums to attack from bacteria. Therefore, it’s important to floss daily to avoid tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. Brushing alone does not clean between teeth. Using dental floss helps remove plaque and food particles caught around and under your gum line. Ignore plaque and it hardens into tartar. While brushing and flossing will slow the development of tartar, only your Century City cosmetic dentist can completely remove it.

Watch What You Consume

Yes, eating healthy can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage your weight. However, it also helps with good oral health. Why? Just as there are certain foods and drink that can damage your teeth, there are some that can support help you maintain good dental health. For instance, even though tooth enamel is the strongest substance in your body, too much sugar and acid (such as citrus fruit and wine) can cause damage. On the other hand, experts believe calcium-rich foods such as cheese, milk, and nuts protect tooth enamel.

Drink Water Regularly

One of the best ways to counteract the effects of the food and drink you consume is to rinse your mouth with water after you eat and drink. Doing so will minimize any harmful effects. However, keep in mind that your tooth enamel softens during eating and drinking. Don’t brush your teeth for at least half an hour afterwards.

Chew Sugarless Gum

Once you’ve rinsed your mouth with water, you may just want to pop in a piece of sugarless gum. According to the American Dental Society (ADA), chewing gum increases saliva flow. Saliva washes away food and debris. That makes chewing sugarless gum beneficial for older people whose salivary glands have shrunk due to age and for people who take certain medications that reduce saliva output. Just make sure to choose sugarless gum with the ADA seal of approval.

Try OTC Tooth Whitening

One sure-fire way to keep your smile looking good is to keep it looking bright. Over-the-counter tooth whitening systems can help. Toothpastes, gels, and strips all offer some level of stain removal and whitening power. How much will depend on your particular situation. Before choosing one, talk with your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist.

Good oral health doesn’t happen by accident. It takes time and energy to keep your smile looking young and healthy.

The Importance of Wearing Your Best Smile

smileA recent news story about Kanye West explains why he rarely smiles in his photos. Seems he got his hands on a book from the 1800s in which the people in the photos didn’t smile. His explanation was that it wouldn’t “look cool” for paintings of people in an old castle to be smiling. So he adopted the idea of not smiling in an effort to look his coolest.

Interestingly enough, his better half, Kim Khardashian, has her own take on why she keeps her smiles to a minimum. Her concern is that smiles cause wrinkles.

Whatever your reason for not wearing your best smile – missing teeth, yellow teeth, or even wrinkles – your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist there are plenty of reasons why you might want to rethink your position.

People Equate Smiles with Success

If you want to be successful, according to Sam Parker’s book Smile and Move, all you need to do is smile and move. In short, treat people with respect, enjoy what you do, and go beyond expectations – all with a smile.

Parker isn’t the only person who knows that smiles and success go hand in hand. A study of a group of women over a thirty-year period found that those with genuine smiles in their college yearbook photos had “happier marriages and greater well-being.” Additionally, as part of the same study, strangers looking at the photos judged the women who smiled as more positive and competent.

Finally, your Century City cosmetic dentist read a study completed by Invisalign back in 2012 found that very often people make snap judgments about others based on visual cues such as hair, skin, and clothing. In fact, even the “alignment of teeth is a catalyst for assumptions regarding success, popularity, intelligence, and general health.” However, there’s more to smiling than just what others think.

Wearing Your Best Smile has Benefits

Smiling has benefits. Specifically, your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist wants you to know that smiling can improve your life through better health.

According to a study of nearly 170 students published in the journal Psychological Science, smiling appeared to lower heart rates especially after stressful events. That’s not all. Smiling may offer other beneficial effects as well.

University studies have shown that a positive attitude – including smiling – lead to a healthy life. Experts have noted that smiling can help:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Make you look younger
  • Reduce or even relieve pain
  • Retain a positive attitude
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Make other people smile

Overall, smiling is a good thing, something that most people should do more. However, if you find you don’t smile because you’re embarrassed by chipped, cracked, missing, discolored, and crooked teeth, it’s time to talk to your Century City cosmetic dentist about making a change.

Three Secrets to a Healthy Mouth

Do you think a beautiful smile happens naturally? It doesn’t. It comes from a willingness to put in the time and effort. That includes flossing and brushing daily, and visiting your Century City cosmetic dentist at least twice a year.

If you want to have a smile that others envy and reduce your risk for gum disease, tooth loss, and other dental problems, practice good dental health habits.

Brush and Floss Daily

Okay, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, maintaining good dental habits is the best trick to a healthy mouth. However, it’s not just about keeping periodontal disease at bay. Poor dental habits may lead to tooth loss and bad breath.

To have a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth requires you to floss at least once a day and brush at least twice – once in the morning and once before bedtime. Additionally, visit your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist regularly depending on need. For some people with dental problems that may be as often as every three months.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

You may love your morning cup of coffee. However, it’s one of the things we drink that can cause dental problems. Citrus, coffee, red wine, sugar, and carbohydrates can all have an adverse effect on your teeth and gums.

Even though experts recognize the heart-healthy features of red wine, it can stain your teeth. It’s also acidic, which can temporarily soften and eventually erode enamel much like citrus. To
counterbalance the problem, your Century City cosmetic dentist that you don’t brush immediately afterward eating, instead rinse your mouth with water or chew gum. In fact, to lower your risk of cavities you should always drink plenty of water.

The best way to maintain a healthy mouth is by eating a healthy diet. Be sure to include nutritious foods that offer vitamins A through E for healthy gums. In addition, eat crunchy fruits and vegetables to help clean your teeth. Even eating pineapple can lessen stains on teeth.

Don’t Smoke

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health. That includes dental health. Not only does it cause bad breath and stained teeth, people who smoke increase the chance of getting fine lines around their mouth. The reason is muscle contraction.

That’s why even though experts recommend you drink certain fluids through a straw to lessen the negative impact to your teeth, if you purse your lips while doing it, you’ll increase your chances of getting those same fine lines. Instead, your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist recommends that when you use a straw you should side from the side of your mouth and avoid pursing your lips.

If you want to keep your mouth healthy and your smile bright, speak with your dentist. Find out what he or she recommends for your particular situation.

4 Vital Tips for Proper Toothbrush Care


Your Century City cosmetic dentist has repeatedly shared with you the basics of good oral hygiene. Proper flossing and brushing along with regular visits to your dentist are vital to a healthy smile. However, there’s more to tooth and gum care than just your mouth.

Your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist wants you to know that toothbrush care is an often forgotten step in the oral hygiene process. To ensure your oral hygiene is thorough, here are five tips for proper toothbrush care.

Clean and Dry Toothbrushes after Each Use

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it isn’t necessary to use dishwashers or microwaves to disinfect toothbrushes. In fact, these measures may damage the toothbrush or lead to contamination if you use the same disinfectant for multiple uses. It is important, however, to rinse your toothbrush thoroughly.

The easiest way to clean it is to run the bristles under tap water and rub your thumb over it to be sure to remove particles and bacteria. Shake the bristles dry and wipe down the handle before storing it away in an upright position.

Store Toothbrushes in Open Air

Your Century City cosmetic dentist doesn’t have to remind you that there are a ton of bacteria in your mouth, many of which are anaerobic. Anaerobic bacteria live in an environment with very little oxygen. Exposure to air kills them.

Therefore, one of the best things you can do is make sure your toothbrush receives plenty of ventilation. Don’t store it in a closed container where it is subject to humidity and moisture.

Replace Toothbrushes Regularly

Your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist recently read that 75 percent of people admit they don’t replace their toothbrushes as often as they should. However, studies indicate that over time toothbrushes lose their effectiveness in removing plaque from teeth and gums as bristles wear out and germs collect.

Therefore, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends replacing your toothbrush every three to four months, sooner if the bristles fray.

Never Share Toothbrushes

You may think that allowing your spouse to use your toothbrush occasionally is no big deal. However, the germs from someone else’s mouth, even a family member, can be harmful to you. Sharing a toothbrush increases your risk for infections and illness.

Your Century City cosmetic dentist recommends you protect yourself and your family members by keeping spare toothbrushes on hand. Having fresh, unopened toothbrushes available at all times means you’ll never have to worry.

The Secret to a Better Smile


You may not realize it but the secret to a better smile is simple. It’s all about good oral hygiene. Taking care of your teeth and gums is the best way to protect against gum disease as well as damaged or lost teeth.

However, as your Century City cosmetic dentist can tell you good oral hygiene takes time and effort as well as the right techniques and tools.

The Basics are Still Extremely Important

Although your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist suggests sticking to the basics when it comes to good oral hygiene, many people don’t take the time to do it right.

Statistics show that only about 50 percent of Americans floss on a daily basis. It’s important to floss at least once every day. Additionally, brushing your teeth for at least two minutes, two to three times each day, with the right toothpaste, may strengthen your tooth enamel, according to the American Dental Association.

However, keep in mind you can get too much of a good thing. Not only can too much brushing wear down tooth enamel and damage gums, brushing too aggressively may damage teeth and erode the gum line. Instead, hold your brush at a 45-degree angle against the gum line and use gentle, circular motions. Also, don’t forget the top of your teeth.

The only way to control the damage done by the bacteria in your mouth is to eliminate it. Your Century City cosmetic dentist urges you to brush and floss wisely using the proper tools.

Choose and Use the Right Toothbrush and Floss

Your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist encourages you to consider the toothbrush you purchase carefully. Make sure brush fits properly in your mouth – without straining – and that the bristles don’t hurt your gums. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends using a soft brush. Look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

Experts suggest that manual toothbrushes are just as effective as powered toothbrushes. It’s really all about how you brush. However, a powered toothbrush – electric or battery operated – can make the job a bit easier and even more fun.

As for flossing, your Century City cosmetic dentist says it doesn’t matter if you do it before or after you brush, as long as you do it at least once a day. The purpose is to remove the plaque that builds up between teeth. Although it’s important to be gentle so as to not damage your gums, your teeth are more resilient. Be sure to floss firmly against each tooth.

If you’re unsure about the proper flossing technique or the best floss to use, talk to your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist. He can show you how flossing and brushing properly are the secret to a better smile.

Fix Gaps between Teeth with Corrective Treatments

Small teeth, unusual spacing, and/or missing teeth can all cause gaps between teeth. Fixing these gaps – especially between your front teeth – can improve your looks, optimize your bite, and make it easier to keep your teeth and gums clean.

Consider Invisalign® to Fix Gaps between Teeth

It’s important to consult with your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist to find the best treatment to fix gaps between teeth. However, depending on your individual situation, straightening your teeth might be an option. Invisalign® is a very effective way to reposition teeth that are crooked and out of alignment.

Although some may think that the purpose of Invisalign® is to provide you with a more attractive smile – an obvious benefit – your Century City cosmetic dentist will tell you that the benefit of straightening teeth is to make them easier to clean. Overcrowding and gaps can leave your teeth and gums susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease, abnormal wear, inefficient chewing, as well as cause unnecessary stress on your jawbone.

The reason your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist suggests Invisalign® over conventional braces is the added benefits they provide. In addition to fixing gaps between your teeth, overcrowding, and your bite, Invisalign® also:

  • Allows you to eat whatever you want
  • Allows you to remove the device easily
  • Straightens teeth invisibly
  • Makes it easier to brush and floss for better oral hygiene
  • Is generally more comfortable than conventional braces
  • Means no dental visits every four to six weeks

Regular braces can cause pain, discomfort, mouth sores, tooth decay, plaque buildup, tooth discoloration and more. They also hinder your ability to eat certain foods, such as popcorn, pretzels, and even hard fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots.

Fix Gaps between Teeth with Veneers

If Invisalign® isn’t the right option for you, your Century City cosmetic dentist may suggest veneers. Fixing the gaps between teeth with such restorative treatments will depend on the size, location, and cause of the gap as well as the condition of the adjacent teeth.
It’s equally important to keep in mind that there is prep work required if you choose veneers. Your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist must remove the surface enamel of each tooth involved. This is an irreversible procedure.

There are benefits to having veneers over another procedure, such as bonding. Dental bonding involves applying and sculpting composite material to your teeth. It is less durable. Therefore, it is more susceptible to discoloration and breakage.

A ceramist makes each porcelain veneer to your specific needs. Your Century City cosmetic dentist then attaches them to each tooth, like a press-on nail.

Whatever procedure you choose to fix gaps between teeth, make sure to consult with your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist.

What Is Lurking Under Your Gumline?

Make Sure To Get Your Gums Checked Regularly By Your Century City Dentist

Hello Los Angeles residents! Your overall oral health depends not only on healthy teeth but also healthy gums. Proper oral hygiene helps keep both your teeth and gums in good shape.

When brushing, hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle with the bristle tips aimed at the line where the tooth and gum meet. The bristles of a soft toothbrush can clean the food particles in the pockets in front and in back of the tooth, but you need floss to clean between the teeth. Make sure you get the floss into the pocket between the teeth and scrape food particles up and out of the pocket.

Back to toothbrushing: if the toothbrush is not held at the correct angle, the bristles can’t get in the pockets to clean out the bacteria before it turns into enamel-damaging plaque. If plaque multiplies in the pockets around the teeth, the gum will start pulling away. Eventually, the pockets will become too deep for your toothbrush bristles to reach. Unfortunately, the tooth structure below the gumline is more susceptible to decay than the enamel above the gumline.

There is more than one way to damage your teeth – even if the visible parts of your teeth are cavity-free, gum disease can cause problems with the parts you can’t see.

I am Dr. Bill Dorfman of Century City Aesthetic Dentistry. My staff and I promote preventative dentistry by working with our patients of all ages to establish essential oral hygiene habits.

If you haven’t had a check-up in a while, or are experiencing gum soreness or recession, call Century City Aesthetic Dentistry today at 877-703-7062 to schedule a thorough tooth and gum examination in Los Angeles.
During your exam, Your experienced dentist or hygienist will measure the depth of the pockets around each tooth. If you already have gum disease, we will help you restore gum health.

At Century City Aesthetic Dentistry in Los Angeles, we provide full general and cosmetic dental services including dental implants. If you have healthy teeth and gums but want to brighten your smile, ask us about teeth bleaching in Los Angeles.

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Smile with the Confidence You Deserve

As adults age, they often worry about crow’s feet, laugh lines, and age spots. However, they don’t always consider the impact that their teeth have on their appearance.

Regardless of your age, teeth that are crooked, yellowed, or even missing can leave a less than stellar impression. Along with daily brushing and flossing, getting assistance from a Century City cosmetic dentist can give you the smile and the confidence you deserve.

Let a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist Make Your Smile Radiant

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), adults between the ages of 20 and 64 average only about 25 teeth. Considering a normal adult mouth has 32 teeth, that’s a loss of 20 percent.

With all the options available to dental patients today, you don’t have to live your life with an unattractive smile. Besides ruining your good looks, it can affect relationships as well as your oral hygiene.

Ask any Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist and they will tell you for a healthier mouth and to look younger and fresher, you need to take care of your smile. That requires not only thorough brushing and flossing, but also regular dental checkups.

Why a Healthy, Radiant Smile is Important

While it takes only 12 muscles to smile, it takes 113 to frown. However, a survey commissioned by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) indicated that over one-third of American adults are unhappy with their smile. Another 36 percent feel a better smile would improve their social life.

This research coincides well with another survey from the Academy of General Dentistry and Oral-B Laboratories, which showed that 96 percent of American workers felt that smiling was very or somewhat important to an individual’s appearance.

Additionally, most people judge a smiling person to be more pleasant, attractive, sincere, sociable, and competent than a non-smiling person.

Add all this to the fact that the psychologically smiling creates trust, reduces stress, and helps you live longer, and it makes sense to talk to a Century City cosmetic dentist about how to get the best smile possible.

Options for Getting the Smile You Want

Of course, the best way to have a great smile is to take good care of your teeth and gums. Along with brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups, be careful with what you eat – some food and drink can stain – and avoid tobacco products.

For those who have crooked, discolored, and missing teeth due to heredity, teeth grinding (also called bruxism), bone disease, an accident, or for another reason, there is professional assistance available. Solutions might include veneers, braces, or even dental implants.

Before you spend one more day with a smile that embarrasses you, take the time to contact a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist. See what you’ve been missing.