Beverley Hills Cosmetic Dentist Manages Dental Phobia

For some people, the idea of going to the dentist makes them break out in a cold sweat. This dental phobia, sometimes referred to as dentophobia, actually affects about 20 percent of Americans who will only visit a dentist when absolutely necessary. Another 5 to 8 percent avoid dentists altogether.

Overcoming any fear is difficult. However, the right Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist can help you overcome your dental phobia. Here are some ways your Century City cosmetic dentist may be able to help you regain your good oral health by eliminating your dental phobia.

Talk to Your Dentist about Your Dental Phobia

The only way your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist will ever know about your anxiety is if you say something. By explaining in advance about your specific fear – pain, choking, lack of control – you and your dentist can work out a communication system beforehand. This includes having:

  • Your dentist explain the procedure to you thoroughly before getting started
  • Your dentist talking you through each step of the procedure as he completes it
  • Hand signals to indicate if you’re feeling stressed, and need your dentist to stop

By talking about your dental phobia in advance, your dentist can help put your mind at ease.

Use Relaxation Techniques to Overcome Dental Phobia

Relaxation techniques are a great way to overcome a dental phobia. Use your imagination to take you away and take deep breathes to calm yourself. Other suggestions include:

  • Scheduling your dental appointments during a time when you’re not rushed
  • Bringing a music device and listening to your favorite songs
  • Watching television during your dental procedures
  • Taking occasional breaks during longer dental procedures

Once you’ve spoken with your Century City cosmetic dentist and explained your dental phobia, he’ll be better able to help you find a relaxation technique that works for you.

Use Sedation Dentistry to Manage Your Dental Phobia

We’ve written about the benefit of sedation dentistry previously. One of the biggest benefits of sedation dentistry is in managing dental phobia.

As we mentioned, there are several methods for administering sedation dentistry. Your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist uses oral sedation. A small pill taken an hour before treatment allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable during your dental procedure.

Keep in mind that your dentist may still use a local anesthetic at the treatment site. However, sedation dentistry is a smart choice for those with a dental phobia.

The problem is that if you have a dental phobia keeping you from visiting your dentist there are steps you can take to manage your anxiety. It’s better to maintain good oral hygiene on a regular basis, then to wind up needing extensive dental work due to lack of maintenance. Now that is something to fear.