Affordable Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentistry

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Affordable Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentistry Will your California dental insurance cover Los Angeles cosmetic dental procedures? Many Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Los Angeles dentistry clients assume their dental insurance won’t cover any cosmetic dental procedures. This is probably true for tooth whitening or some other cosmetic dentistry treatments. However, many California dental insurance plans and dental supplemental plans cover orthodontia and any treatment needed to repair damage from an injury. Medical insurance and worker’s compensation plans may also cover injury treatment.

Some dental insurance plans cover replacement porcelain veneers in certain circumstances. Check with your carrier for benefit specifics if you need replacement veneers due to deterioration. We can then discuss dental treatment options such as replacement veneers or porcelain crowns. When the work is completed, we may be able to help you submit your dental claim form if your plan requires one.

If you are in need of any kind of dental treatment; from a cleaning to major restorative work, come in to Century City Aesthetic Dentistry on 2080 Century Park East, Suite 1601 in Los Angeles. You can meet our professional team, undergo a thorough evaluation and discuss financing options. Even if you do not have California dental insurance, let’s talk. Top quality Los Angeles dental treatment is a wise investment and may be more affordable than you think.

Doctor Bill Dorfman of Century City Aesthetic Dentistry has been proudly serving Los Angeles and Century City residents since 1985. Century City Aesthetic Dentistry is a network dental provider for many California dental insurance plans.