5 Common Health Conditions Your Dentist May Identify

orthodontistThe good thing about having a solid, long-term relationship with your health care practitioners is that they get to know you and to know your health. Specifically, your primary care physician and Century City cosmetic dentist see you frequently enough to notice potential health problems or changes in your health condition.

While there are many causes for dental problems such as inflamed gums or persistent bad breath, they don’t always occur due to poor oral hygiene. Here are five common health conditions that may show up in your mouth.

Periodontitis May Indicate Diabetes

Periodontitis, evidenced by red, swollen gums and caused by harmful bacteria, is the worse form of gum disease. Without proper treatment, it can lead to tooth decay and loss.

Gum disease is often the result of poor oral hygiene, which results in the buildup of plaque along and under your gum line. However, even with good dental care the high blood sugar from diabetes can make healthy teeth and gums difficult to maintain. 

Fortunately, in a 2014 study over 60 percent of dentists – professionals like your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist – report they “frequently refer” dental patients with periodontitis for a diabetes evaluation.

Tooth Loss Linked to Chronic Kidney Disease

People with chronic kidney disease (CKD) often have chronic bad breath, too, due to poor kidney function. It results when their kidneys fail to remove waste fully from their system. However, CKD may result in poor calcium absorption as well. This puts them at risk of jawbone resorption.

Additionally, in a 2014 study of African-Americans with normal kidney function, participants with severe periodontal disease developed CKD at four times the rate of those without it.

Adults with Heart Disease Have More Periodontal Disease

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, there are numerous studies linking heart disease and periodontal disease. It’s all about gum inflammation. Specifically, people with periodontitis are nearly twice as likely to have heart disease.

When your Century City cosmetic dentist looks in your mouth and sees persistent gum disease, inflamed gums, or loose and missing teeth, it may be a potential indicator of other medical issues like heart disease.

Osteoporosis Can Affect Your Jawbone

Osteoporosis is a bone disease characterized by loss of bone mass and density. Naturally, that includes your jawbone.

As many as 10 million Americans suffer from some level of low bone density. Postmenopausal women run the greatest risk of having the disease. However, thanks to dental X-rays, your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist is in a good position to notice a change in bone density in your jawbone.

Stress Increases Risk of Oral Health Problems

While most people know the negative impact stress has on them physically, they might not realize the damage stress does to their teeth and gums. Problems with canker or cold sores, clenching or grinding your teeth, or nervous habits like nail biting are all hard on your oral health. Reducing your level of stress improves your overall health.

Although many people don’t consider the impact their general health plays in keeping their mouth healthy – and vice versa – there is a correlation. Talk to your Century City cosmetic dentist to learn more.