Wisdom Teeth And Your Beverly Hills Dentist

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Wisdom Teeth And Your Los Angeles Dentist Wisdom teeth are the last of the molars (grinding teeth) to erupt from the gum. They usually appear in the late teens and early twenties. Not all people develop these teeth while others have from one to four.  Your Beverly Hills dentist can help you determine how many wisdom teeth you have in your mouth.

Though some people never experience any problems with these extra molars, many times Wisdom teeth can create serious dental complications. If the wisdom teeth do not have the room to develop and erupt normally, they are referred to as impacted wisdom teeth. An impacted tooth may never emerge from the bone and gum, emerge only partially, or come in sideways.

Impacted teeth can damage the adjacent molar, cause infection or trigger gum disease. Sometimes these problems cause no noticeable symptoms for a period of time. To prevent these serious complications, wisdom teeth are often removed.  Sedation dentistry is sometimes offered during these extractions for anxious patients.

Wisdom teeth symptoms include pain when opening mouth, gum swelling, bad breath, and pain when chewing. These indicators can be constant or intermittent.

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