November 21, 2014

The Century City Aesthetic Dentistry Guide To Preventing Gum Disease

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Hearing that you have periodontal disease, or gum disease, can be upsetting. Here at Century City Aesthetic Dentistry in Los Angeles, California, we are committed to educating and assisting patients in preventing gum disease. If you discover that you already have gum disease, don’t despair. We can help.

Symptoms of Gum DiseaseBleeding gumsSwollen, tender gumsReceding gumsBad breath that won’t go awayLoose adult teethSensitive teeth

Whether you are just being diagnosed, working to undo problems of the past, or trying to prevent gum disease for the future, Dr. Bill Dorfman has answers.Steps for Healing or Preventing Gum DiseaseBrush at least two times a day – morning and nightBrush with fluoride toothpasteFloss at least once a dayVisit dentist for regular checkups and cleaningsUse a fluoride rinse before brushingAvoid between-meal snackingAvoid tobacco productsSolutions for Correcting Serious Gum DiseaseScalingRoot planingAntibioticsSurgery

Dr. Dorfman knows gum disease can sneak up on you. Regular checkups and consistent, thorough oral hygiene is vital for preventing the pain and health issues associated with periodontal disease. Gum disease can be successfully treated, but avoiding it is clearly best.

Dr. Dorfman is equipped with the education and experience to care for the full gamut of Beverly Hills patients’ dental needs including cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign braces, and dental implants.