February is National Children’s Dental Health Month


Every February, the American Dental Association (ADA) sponsors National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM) to raise awareness about the importance of good dental health especially in children. Dental professionals like your Century City cosmetic dentist are joining the call to promote good oral health in children all month long. The NCDHM slogan is “Defeat Monster…

Looking For The Best Los Angeles Dental Practice?

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Looking For The Best Los Angeles Dental Practice?

Hello Los Angeles dental friends. Welcome to my Century City Aesthetic Dentistry blog. This site is for my remarkable California patients and anyone in the Beverly Hills area who is seeking:

A smile makeover
A family dentist who is great with children
Quick solutions to any immediate oral problems
A dental practice that focuses on preventative care
An experienced cosmetic dentist who uses the latest materials and techniques
A friendly dental atmosphere with amenities that make your visit comfortable and as pleasant as possible

Century City Aesthetic Dentistry In Los Angeles

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Century City Aesthetic Dentistry In Los Angeles

Hello, I’m Bill Dorfman of Century City Aesthetic Dentistry, a state-of-the-art dental practice in Los Angeles, California. My team of dental professionals at Century City Aesthetic Dentistry has been serving the Beverly Hills area since 1985. We provide preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry to patients of all ages.

5 Tips For California Residents With Mouth Sores

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Hi. I’m Dr. Bill Dorfman. When my Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Century City area patients get mouth sores, I advise them to evaluate what they’re eating and make some changes. By following these tips, you too can avoid the discomfort of eating and help to increase the speed of healing.