Mothers are Important to a Child’s Dental Health


In honor of Mother’s Day on May 11, your Century City cosmetic dentist wanted to share how important mothers are to the dental health of their children.

Mother’s Dental Health Linked to Child’s Dental Health

Based on research in several studies, the American Dental Association concluded that most clinical studies link periodontal disease in pregnant mothers to preterm, low birth weight babies. Although there are conflicting findings, dental experts such as your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist suggest that preventive dental care during pregnancy not only improves the oral health of the mother, it improves the overall health of her unborn child.

However, a child’s dental health isn’t only linked to mom during pregnancy. Once your child is born, you need to continue to be vigilant with your own as well as your baby’s dental care.

First, your Century City cosmetic dentist can tell you that there is decades-old research that indicates that “cavity-causing bacteria” is transferrable between mother and child. Therefore, mothers should refrain from kissing their babies on the lips as well as sharing utensils and food. Specifically, because tooth decay is a bacterial infection it can spread during infancy, especially when baby’s teeth first appear.

Next, good nutrition is essential to a child’s dental health. Not only is good nutrition essential during pregnancy for the development of baby teeth, your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist will tell you that it’s very important afterwards as well.

Finally, a child’s dental health is important as youngsters grow. So along with good eating habits, help your child develop good dental care habits. Teach them to brush their teeth at least twice a day for two minutes each time. Additionally, show them how to floss properly. If you’re unsure how, talk to your Century City cosmetic dentist to learn to floss properly. And don’t forget to have your child see the dentist twice a year starting around the age of six months or when teeth first appear.

Other Tips for a Child’s Dental Health

Here are five more tips your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist recommends for taking good care of your child’s dental health.

  • Avoid x-rays during pregnancy. Make sure to notify your Century City cosmetic dentist if you’re pregnant.
  • Not only can smoking and alcohol cause problems during your pregnancy including an underweight baby, they are bad for your overall physical and dental health.
  • Make sure to include plenty of calcium in your diet to help your baby produce strong bones and healthy teeth.
  • Breast milk is one of the best foods for your baby’s overall health.
  • If your little one damages a tooth, be sure to contact your dentist immediately.

Taking care of your own health during pregnancy is vital to your child’s dental health. Talk to your medical doctor as well as your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist if you have any questions about your own or your baby’s medical or dental health.

And have a Happy Mother’s Day!