Get the Gift of the Perfect Holiday Smile

Tis the season when people come together to remember the blessings they’ve received all year through. If Mother Nature didn’t bless you with a great set of teeth or a smile that you’re proud of, now might be the time to get the gift of the perfect holiday smile.

Whether you want your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist to straighten your teeth with braces, make your smile whiter and brighter, contour your gum line, or provide another cosmetic dental procedure, don’t wait another day. Here’s why this is a great time of year to make sure you have the perfect holiday smile.

Holiday photos. Every year friends and family members pull out their cameras for the traditional holiday picture. And every year you hide in the background, duck behind someone else, or casually cover your mouth to avoid embarrassment. Let your Century City cosmetic dentist get you into the picture. Don’t look back years from now only to regret not having your smile fixed sooner.

Holiday parties. Ron Guttman, founder and CEO of HealthTap, suggests your smile can have a positive effect on your overall well-being and can predict how long you’ll live. Additionally, the average American believes that a smile is an important social asset. A beautiful smile not only makes you more appealing, an unattractive smile can hurt your career. And with so many social events to attend this season – both with your work associates and personal friends – a nice smile is important. It gives you the confidence to interact with those you know and those you’d like to know.

Gift to yourself. If you’re like most of us, you probably enjoy receiving gifts around the holiday season (or any time of year, for that matter). So why shouldn’t you give yourself a Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa gift? Talk to your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist about giving yourself the gift of a great smile. It’s not only good for your dental health it’s equally good for your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Happy New Year. What’s your New Year’s resolution? Are you hoping for a raise? Maybe you’re up for a promotion? Is your goal to do something to feel better about yourself? Start the New Year off right with a great smile. As we’ve already noted, a great smile is an important asset for both your health and your career.

There are many reasons why you might want to give yourself the gift of the perfect holiday smile. Whatever your reason, make sure to speak with your Century City cosmetic dentist about all your options. He’ll be able to set up the right treatment plan for your specific needs.