Dr. Bill Dorfman’s Top 5 Dental Questions

Categories: Dental Health

Another exciting year is around the corner, and we’d like to share cosmetic dentist Dr. Dorfman’s Top 5 Dental Questions of 2011 to help you get a fabulous start and smile for the New Year. Seasons Greetings, and thank you for letting us help you attain your billion dollar smile!

1. Is it true that adding milk to coffee keeps your teeth safer when drinking?

Using milk doesn’t keep your teeth safer, but it helps with staining because it is a milder color, so the milk dilutes the color of the coffee.

2. What foods affect your smile and oral health negatively?

Aside from the foods commonly known to negatively affect smiles such as wine, cola, coffee, and tea, sucking on lemons will eat away at your teeth’s enamel . Popcorn kernels and ice may crack teeth when someone bites them.

3. What are the best times to brush your teeth? Does brushing after carbonation make a difference?

It’s best to brush your teeth at least twice a day, specifically after meals. Brushing after carbonation would make the greatest difference if the drink was acidic (like colas) in order to get acid off the teeth.

4. Does the hotness or coldness of a drink affect your teeth?

The only effect a drink’s temperature has on teeth is that sometimes people are sensitive to hot and cold. However, it doesn’t cause any permanent damage.

5. How can pregnancy affect your teeth?

Pregnancy doesn’t affect teeth as much as people may think. The big myth is that the baby pulls calcium out of teeth causing decay, which is completely false. What does occur is hormonal fluctuations cause a condition known as Pregnancy Gingivitis, noted as red puffy bleeding gums. If you are pregnant and experiencing this condition, please contact your Century City dentist, Dr. Bill Dorfman.