April 26, 2013

Dental Veneers: 7 Fast-Fixes For Century City Smiles

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Hi! Welcome to the Century City Aesthetic Dentistry blog where we take the time to answer some of the questions dental patients in the Century City area are curious about. Today we are focusing on fabulous veneers, which are used extensively in cosmetic dentistry.

Dental veneers (also called laminates) are custom made to permanently cover the front part of one or more teeth. Wafer-thin, super-strong veneers can correct a variety of problems including:

1. Chips2. Cracks3. Stains4. Teeth that are misshapen5. Teeth that are too short6. Teeth that are misaligned7. Gaps between teeth

When you get veneers, your cosmetic dentist will first make a model of your teeth. Then, a dental technician uses the model to create the veneers. In some veneer procedures, a small amount of the enamel from the face of the tooth has to be removed so the veneers can be placed. In such cases, the procedure is irreversible.

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