5 Bad Habits That May Cause Dental Problems

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Most people realize the benefit of good dental habits. Things like brushing and flossing daily, and visiting your Century City cosmetic dentist on a regular basis help to keep your teeth and gums healthy. However, what about bad habits – do you know what to avoid?

You can take even better care of your dental health if you avoid five bad habits that may cause dental problems.

Only Pick Your Teeth with Dental Floss

Okay, so you don’t actually pick with dental floss. The point is that you should avoid using sharp objects like toothpicks and pins to remove food particles caught between teeth. Your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist recommends that if you need to unstick something, floss is the best way.

Poking around in your mouth with sharp objects may damage your tooth enamel, lacerate your gums, or even widen the space between your teeth. Wider spaces can allow more food to collect and lead to increased incidents of decay.

Leave the Ice Crushing to Your Blender

Ice cubes are just water, right? The problem is that when water freezes it becomes hard and cold. That hard, cold surface can damage gums and crack or chip your teeth. Therefore, your Century City cosmetic dentist recommends that you avoid chewing ice.

Additionally, some experts suggest a link between persistent ice chewing and iron deficiency anemia. It’s common among 20 percent of women and 50 percent of pregnant women. If you crave ice, let your dentist know.

Brushing Harder is Not Better

Harder is not better when it comes to brushing. It doesn’t get your teeth cleaner. In fact, it can create problems like gum irritation and tooth sensitivity. Your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist recommends using a soft bristle toothbrush gently for at least two minutes every time you brush.

Pliers are a Tool, Not Your Teeth

If you’re in the habit of using your teeth as a bottle or bag opener, you could be setting yourself up for dental problems. Even chewing on your fingernails can damage your teeth.

While teeth are tough enough to chew food, like many things in the human body, they can crack, break, and chip. They generally cannot withstand pressure from hard objects or a large amount of force.

Protect Your Teeth from Grinding

Clenching your jaw or grinding your teething (sometimes referred to as bruxism) is often associated with stress. As mentioned previously, too much pressure on your teeth can result in damage.

To protect your smile talk to your Century City cosmetic dentist about fitting you for a mouth guard. Whether you play sports or grind your teeth in your sleep, a professionally fitted mouth guard can help keep your smile looking good for years to come.

Everyone has a bad habit or two. However, you can help keep your smile looking good by avoiding these five.

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