3 Big Mistakes People Make When Brushing Their Teeth

Good oral hygiene should be a no-brainer. After all, as your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist can tell you, anything you use as often as you do your teeth, requires frequent cleaning. Yet, according to statistics, only about half of all adults brush twice and floss once daily.

Regardless of your current daily dental care practices, here are three big mistakes people often make when it comes to caring for their teeth.

Decide it’s Okay Not to Floss

Even if you’re tired at the end of a long day, it’s important to take the time to floss before you go to sleep. Flossing is a major part of getting your teeth and gums clean. Unfortunately, only about 50 percent of all Americans floss on a daily basis.

According to dental experts, flossing “does about 40 percent of the work” needed to remove oral bacteria, especially between your teeth. These bacteria are what lead to cavities and gum disease. Left untreated, gum disease damages your teeth and gums, and eventually your jawbone, destroying your smile.

Brush Their Teeth Incorrectly

One of the biggest mistakes your Century City cosmetic dentist is aware that people make is not watching themselves in the mirror when they brush their teeth. The result is that they don’t really know if they’re brushing correctly. Here are some common mistakes:

  • Brushing too hard. Brushing too hard can damage your tooth enamel, especially if you brush sideways.
  • Holding your toothbrush wrong. Hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and brush in small circles, focusing on a few teeth at a time.
  • Forgetting your gums. Bacteria gather at the gum line and causes gum disease, so make sure to clean your gums as you brush your teeth.
  • Missing your back molars. They can be difficult to reach with a toothbrush as well as with floss. However, they’re as susceptible to oral bacteria as the rest of your mouth.

Additionally, be sure to choose a toothbrush with soft bristles and a small head, and replace it regularly (every 3 to 4 months).

Forget to Rinse Afterwards

Once you’ve flossed and brushed your teeth, don’t forget to rinse afterwards. Swishing with an alcohol-free, ADA-approved mouth rinse eliminates the harmful debris that you just stirred up.

To rinse properly, vigorously swish a small amount of mouth rinse around in your mouth for about 30 seconds. Then carefully tip you head back and gargle in order to rinse the back of your mouth and your throat. Afterwards, spit the mouth rinse out completely. Take care not to swallow it.

At the end of the day, if you have any questions about how to care for your teeth and gums properly, talk to your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist.