Fresh Breath

Go Forward With Fresh Breath in Los Angeles

Patients with bad breath can get fresh breath in Los Angeles with halitosis treatment from Century City dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman.

Where does bad breath hide? In deep crevices on the tongue and periodontal pockets in the tissue and bone. All of us experience bad breath from time to time, but many patients notice that they are experiencing constant bad breath.

Some patients who suffer from chronic bad breath are unaware that there are effective treatments available to them at Century City Aesthetic Dentistry.

Dental Examinations and Teeth Cleanings

More frequent dental cleanings will free you from odorous bacteria and food particles. Our professionals will scrape your tongue and use an antibacterial gel to neutralize the odorous bacteria. They will also scale your teeth, removing hardened plaque and tartar from below the gumline.

When you receive treatment for fresh breath, you are also reducing your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Ask Dr. Dorfman about attaining permanent fresh breath with regular dental cleanings

Maintaining Fresh Breath At Home

Look for products that contain thymol and eucalyptus. These natural antibacterial agents will keep your breath fresh for hours. You can also look for products that include odor neutralizers like zinc chloride.

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Fresh breath will help you feel cleaner and more confident. You can instantly improve your breath with a painless and nonsurgical treatment at Century City Aesthetic Dentistry. Also serving Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Call us today at Century City Aesthetic Dentistry to schedule your visit at a time that works for you!

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