Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can restore both the function and beauty of damaged teeth. At Century City Aesthetic Dentistry, we provide custom-fit porcelain crowns.

Porcelain dental crowns help patients get new smiles near Century City, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills.

Benefits Of Crowns For Teeth

Some of the reasons you might need a tooth crown include:

  • Large broken down filling

  • Extensive dental decay

  • Cracked or broken tooth

  • Discolored tooth

  • Tooth with poor size or shape

A crown will enhance the appearance of the damaged tooth. More importantly, a crown will restore the tooth’s natural function. Your crown will enable you to bite down, chew, and speak with naturally.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain is the most lifelike material that can be used to fashion dental crowns. Your front teeth are crucial to your overall appearance. If your front tooth needs a tooth crown, we will use the most natural, beautiful, durable and translucent porcelain!

  • Dr. Dorfman will discuss your needs and goals with you. He will determine if porcelain crowns are the proper cosmetic dentistry treatment for you.

  • At the first appointment he will prepare the teeth for the crown by removing a small portion of enamel.

  • Dr. Dorfman will take impressions of the prepared teeth. He will send the impressions to DaVinci dental lab.

  • He will then place temporary crowns while you wait for your permanent porcelain crowns which typically takes 1 week.

  • At the second visit Dr. Dorfman will permanently bond your beautiful new crowns to your teeth.

You should receive your dental crown from a qualified cosmetic dentist. Dr. Dorfman is one of only 60 fellows of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). He listens to his patients and together with his team delivers exemplary results.

Our patients can rest assured that they are benefitting from the most recent dental discoveries every time they visit us. Start your dental crown process today! Give us a call at Century City Aesthetic Dentistry.