6 Ways To Improve Your Smile In Hollywood

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Who would say no to a prettier smile? I am guessing no one, and now with all of the amazing cosmetic dentistry procedures available from Beverly Hills, Century City, and California cosmetic dentists, most dental patients can get the smile they want. Here is a quick look at some of the most popular treatments.

1. Teeth whitening is the most common procedure and it is used to lighten discolored teeth. This quick and easy procedure is usually done in the dentist office, and the results can be surprisingly dramatic.

2. Bonding is a popular treatment that uses a dental composite that resembles enamel. This material is applied to the surface of the teeth, sculpted into the desired shape, and then hardened and polished.

3. Tooth reshaping is a simple way to improve the appearance of teeth. It involves removing part of the enamel and can be used to fix small chips or to change the length or position of teeth.

4. Veneers are custom-made porcelain coverings that are very thin. They are bonded to the teeth and can be used to close gaps or cover discolored teeth.

5. For most Los Angeles, Century City, and Hollywood patients, dental implants are the best way to fix a missing tooth.

6. And finally, there is the complete smile makeover. A smile makeover uses a combination of the available treatments to get Hollywood dental patients the smiles they want.

Hi. I’m Dr. Bill Dorfman, a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, and I want my patients to have the best oral health possible. I also want them to look their best. My practice, Century City Aesthetic Dentistry, offers the following services:

sedation dentistry
Zoom whitening
porcelain veneers
smile design

If you are in the Hollywood, Century City, or California area and are in need of dental care or have cosmetic dentistry questions, please give us a call at 877-703-7062.

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5 Tools For Tooth Transformations

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Too-small teeth. Misshapen teeth. Cracked teeth. Chipped teeth. Spacing irregularities. These issues are all-too-common for Hollywood, Century City, and California dental patients. But now, with the advances in cosmetic dentistry, there are affordable fixes for these vexing tooth problems!

1. Veneers. (Also called dental laminates or porcelain veneers). These extremely thin shells of material have at times been called porcelain veneers or laminates. The material used is tooth-colored and the shells are custom-made so the size, shape, and color are perfectly matched to your surrounding teeth. The veneers are securely cemented to the front of the teeth to dramatically change your smile.

2. Bonding. This procedure uses a strong tooth-colored resin to close spaces, repair chips and cracks, or change the shape. The resin is molded into place and then a light is applied to harden the material for secure adherence to the tooth.

3. Recontouring. Minimally-invasive reshaping of a tooth by removing minuscule bits of enamel to improve the shape or length. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is sometimes called odontoplasty or slenderizing.

4. Crowns. Most people are familiar with this durable multi-purpose restoration. Natural-looking dental crowns are fabricated in the shape and color of the tooth and cemented into place to fully cover the part of the tooth visible above the gumline.

5. Braces. Patients of all ages are transforming their smiles with unprecedented orthodontia. Before you dismiss this option as too time-consuming or expensive, learn about the new braces now available. Braces are more convenient and discreet than ever before.

Countless Beverly Hills dental patients have achieved beautiful smiles with a smile redesign from Century City Aesthetic Dentistry!

My name is Dr. Bill Dorfman of Century City Aesthetic Dentistry in Los Angeles. I am enthusiastic about to helping my patients have optimum oral health and beautiful smiles. If you have any questions about veneers, bonding, recontouring, or crowns, I invite you call us at 877-703-7062 to make an appointment today.

You deserve a billion dollar smile.

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Developing Good Dental Habits In Hollywood

Developing Good Dental Habits In Hollywood

Benjamin Franklin once said:

It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.

This holds true for almost everything in life, including dental care. For parents in the Los Angeles area, teaching your children good oral hygiene techniques early in life will help them avoid the lifelong consequences.

If you wait too long to teach your child how to brush and floss, or if you don’t make sure they are doing it enough, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of work down the road.

It’s very hard to convince an older child that they should be spending two or three times longer brushing their teeth each morning and night. But, if they’ve done it for as long as they can remember, then their habits should be sufficient to avoid excessive dental decay or the need for children’s cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles.

I’m Dr. Bill Dorfman, a dentist serving the Beverly Hills area. I know that helping children learn proper oral hygiene is a critical indicator of future oral health, and I want to help Los Angeles parents teach these habits to their children.

If you are looking for quality dental care in the Hollywood, Century City, or California area, give us a call here at Century City Aesthetic Dentistry. We are currently accepting new patients, and we would love to help you learn how to teach kids good brushing habits or answer questions you have have about cosmetic dentistry or smile makeovers.

Our services include:

sedation dentistry
Zoom whitening
porcelain veneers
smile design
dental crowns

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Single Tooth Replacement: Dental Implant or Bridge?

sigle-toothLosing a tooth may not seem like cause for concern; however, losing even a single tooth can become problematic. It can affect your appearance, your ability to talk and chew, and your jawbone and other teeth.

Two of the most common ways to replace a single tooth is with either a dental bridge or a dental implant. It’s all about figuring out which one is right for you.

Difference between a Dental Bridge and Dental Implant

A dental bridge is exactly what it sounds like. It links the gap between two neighboring natural teeth with an artificial bridge.

Your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist starts by shaving the sides of the natural teeth on either side of the gap. The reshaping of these anchor teeth makes room for the bridge. A temporary bridge fills in until your permanent metal/ceramic or all ceramic bridge is ready for placement.

Naturally, the biggest benefits of a dental bridge are that it’s relatively quick to do at a reasonable cost. However, bridges have their drawbacks. One of the biggest problems with bridges is the trauma placed on the anchor teeth. Not only do the anchor teeth require reshaping, the success of the bridge relies on their continued good health.

Dental implants, on the other hand, replace a missing tooth in the most natural-looking way possible. Your Century City cosmetic dentist actually embeds the implant into your gum and jawbone. It acts as the tooth root. This preserves your jawbone and doesn’t affect any adjoining teeth. Additionally, the crown placed on top of the implant makes it virtually impossible for anyone to know it’s not your real tooth.

Take Quick Action if You Lose a Tooth

Regardless of how or why you lose a tooth, it’s important to take immediate action. Losing a tooth can lead to a long list of problems, including movement of other teeth, decay, periodontal disease, and jawbone loss. It may even lead to the loss of other teeth.

Instead, if you lose a tooth here is what your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist recommends:

  • If you can find the tooth, be sure to pick it up by the crown not the root.
  • Don’t try to clean it.
  • If possible, place the tooth back into position and hold it in place with sterile gauze.
  • If you cannot replace it, preserve the tooth in sterile saline or milk.
  • Visit your dentist as soon as possible.

The goal is to keep from harming the tooth or root. Handled correctly, your Century City cosmetic dentist may be able to save the tooth as well as save you from additional dental work.

Multi-Procedure Dental Visits In Los Angeles

Multi-Procedure Dental Visits in Los Angeles If you are planning extensive cosmetic dental work, you may be wondering whether to do it all at once or one procedure at a time over an extended period. Here are some factors to consider:

In the long run, It is less expensive to do it all at once. At Century City Aesthetic Dentistry in Los Angeles, we are able to complete several procedures in one visit. We know that complete smile transformations are a significant investment for most Beverly Hills residents. We would be happy to discuss financing options. Call us at 877-703-7062 to schedule a no-pressure consultation.

With the latest materials and cosmetic dental techniques, healing times are shorter than in the past. However, some procedures such as bone grafting, soft tissue grafting, root canals, and dental implants may require a healing period.

It is easier physically and psychologically to have the fewest possible visits to your Los Angeles dentist. You should also consider how your dental visits and necessary healing periods will impact your employment and family life. You will have less down time if you receive several procedures at once.

Aesthetic Results
While we routinely achieve great outcomes when doing a smile makeover in steps, porcelain restorations are best fabricated in the same “batch” for the most precise color matching.

Sedation Dentistry
When you come in for a smile analysis, we can discuss oral sedation dentistry. Many Hollywood and Century City cosmetic dental patients benefit from this safe and effective solution for pain and anxiety management. Conscious sedation is especially helpful for procedures such as multiple wisdom teeth extractions and dental implant placement.

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5 Surprising Tooth-Friendly Foods

tooth-friendly-foodsAre you concerned that everything you eat has the potential to cause dental problems? Fear no more.

Yes, citrus can soften enamel, sugar leads to cavities, and nuts or other hard foods can cause tooth damage. However, there is good food that may aid in oral care. Here are five that your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist think might surprise you.

Raisins Act as Cavity Fighters

If you’re looking for a high-energy, low fat snack, raisins not only offer convenience, they are rich in iron and fiber. In fact, just one small box of raisins offers 0.8 milligrams of iron. That’s 8% of what men need and 5 % of what women need daily. When it comes to fiber, raisins provide more than two grams of fiber in just ¼ cup. Overall, raisins can improve digestion and lower your blood pressure.

More importantly, while dental experts generally shun raisins because of their natural sweetness and tendency to stick to teeth, some suggest that they actually may help fight cavities due to plant antioxidants. These phytochemicals “slowed or stopped the growth of two different types of bacteria commonly found in the mouth.”

Cheese Protects Against Tooth Decay

Everyone knows that dairy products are a great source of vitamin D and calcium. These two essential nutrients work together to promote healthy bones and teeth. However, cheese in particular offers even more dental health benefits.

When you eat hard cheese at the end of a meal, it neutralizes the acid and helps to maintain the pH level in your mouth. This, in turn, reduces the chance you’ll have tooth decay.

Leafy-Green Vegetables Activate Saliva, Reduce Cancer Risk

Of course, leafy-green veggies are good for you. They’re high in fiber, promote digestion, and help maintain cholesterol levels. But did you know they may improve your dental health as well?

Research conducted a few years ago showed that women smokers reduced their risk of oral cancer merely by eating green leafy vegetables. In general, researchers suggested that eating a well-balanced, healthy diet was beneficial.

Strawberries Whiten Teeth Naturally

Ask health experts and they’ll tell you that berries of all kinds, including strawberries, are good for you. Specifically, they’ve been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. However, unlike dark berries such as blueberries that are healthy because of their antioxidants but harmful because of their stain-causing properties, strawberries offer a natural enamel whitener.

Strawberries contain a substance called malic acid that acts as a natural tooth whitener. Some people even suggest making a paste with strawberries and applying it to your teeth. You may want to talk with your Century City cosmetic dentist first.

Carrots Help Clean Teeth

Along with being a low-calorie food, carrots are a superior source of vitamin A and the antioxidant beta-carotene. Health experts suggest they improve vision and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and many cancers.

However, a raw carrot also can help you scrub away plaque. Plaque is that filmy bacteria that grows on your teeth and gums. Chomp down on a medium-sized carrots or a handful of minis and you give your teeth a fighting chance.

The ‘Wow Factor’ At Century City Aesthetic Dentistry In Los Angeles

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Hello to our valued Century City Aesthetic Dentistry patients! If you haven’t stopped by our blog in a while, we welcome you. It has been a great month at our professional and aware Los Angeles dentistry practice.

We continue to achieve fantastic results with our precision smile makeovers. Dr. Dorfman has been skillfully using veneers, porcelain crowns, short term braces, teeth whitening, dental bridges, gum grafting, crown lengthening, and dental bonding to create unbelievably beautiful smiles. If you would like a perfect smile, call us at 877-703-7062 today to schedule a smile design consultation.

Century City Aesthetic Dentistry cosmetic dentistry patients in Los Angeles have absolutely no regrets about their investment in a unforgettable smile. “Wow! That was fast! Wow! That was painless. Wow! My smile is amazing!”

There are few physical features that can be transformed as quickly as your smile (okay, maybe your hair) – just think of how long it takes to tighten your abs or lose weight. Dramatic improvements can sometimes be achieved in just one visit.

If you have never seen photos of some of our Los Angeles smile redesign patients, you are probably not aware of how dramatic the results can be. There is virtually no dental issue that can’t be improved with state-of-the art cosmetic dentistry at Century City Aesthetic Dentistry.

Do you want to look younger, more attractive, and more confident? Consider an expert smile makeover from one of the top cosmetic dentists in California. See https://www.billdorfmandds.com/ for more details or call today!

You deserve a billion dollar smile -Bill Dorfman, DDS

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3 Ways a Great Smile Can Make You Look Younger

dentist-20150902Weight gain, muscle strength loss, and changes in skin tone are just a few of the things that most of us experience as we age. However, one vital change that many aging people may not pay a mind to is their smile.

A 2012 study confirms the importance of a great smile when it comes to other people’s perception of you. We suggest that if you don’t want others thinking you’re older than you really are you should talk to your Century City cosmetic dentist about these three things and how he can help make your smile look younger.

Teeth Yellow Due to Aging

Teeth yellow as we age for a number of reasons. One is the consumption of dark-colored food and drink, such as berries, coffee, and red wine. However, food in general plays a big role in tooth discoloration, especially if you consume acidic foods such as citrus. By eroding away tooth enamel, the acid allows the enamel to absorb even more of the stain-causing substances.

Additionally, people who use tobacco products, smoking or chewing, put their teeth at risk for staining. Finally, medications may affect the color of your teeth as well.

If your teeth don’t have that pearly white look that you loved when you were younger, talk to your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist about tooth whitening.

Gums May Recede with Age

Remember the phrase “long in the tooth?” It comes from the age-old practice of checking a horse’s age by looking at the length of their teeth. Longer teeth meant receding gums. Receding gums meant an older animal.

Gum recession is most common in older people. In fact, in a study of nearly 10,000 people, only 38% of participants in their thirties had some recession, while 90% of those in their eighties had it.

While some people have receding gums due to heredity, one of the biggest reasons for a receding gum line is poor oral hygiene. To reduce your risk, brush and floss daily, and visit your Century City cosmetic dentist regularly.

Face Aging Due to Tooth Loss 

It’s normal for your face to change as you age. Decreased muscle tone, increased wrinkles and dark spots, and dryer skin are all a part of getting older. However, people who have lost several teeth increase their chances of facial collapse, a reaction to the loss of jawbone.

Typically, the roots of your teeth stimulate the jawbone to keep it healthy and strong. Without the stimulation, your body determines you no longer need it and reabsorbs it. Loss of jawbone results in loss of support to your cheeks and jawline. Your face looks shriveled and your cheeks look hollow. You may appear much older than your real age.

While many dentists use dental bridges and dentures as a substitute for tooth loss, your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist knows the ideal solution is dental implants.

Talk to him about any of your concerns and take the time to keep your smile looking fresh and young through regular dental care.

Beverly Hills Wants Silver Screen Smiles

Beverly Hills Wants Silver Screen Smiles

With the constant media coverage of celebrities, many Los Angeles dental patients are interested in having a smile like the stars. With an experienced dentist and the right smile makeover procedures, anyone can have a smile they want to show off.

Many smile makeovers include teeth whitening. There are a variety of ways this can be done. Most Hollywood, Century City, and California drugstores sell over-the-counter whitening strips and gels. Your Beverly Hills dentist can recommend an effective one, or he or she may offer in-office bleaching. This is a quick way to see whiter teeth in less than an hour.

For missing teeth, most Beverly Hills cosmetic dentists will recommend a dental implant. Because a dental implant is anchored into the jawbone, it looks and feels just like a natural tooth. A dental implant prevents jawbone recession and the shifting of adjacent teeth.

Veneers are especially popular in the Beverly Hills area. They cover the front of the teeth and are custom-made for each individual patient. These are useful for Los Angeles patients who have broken or chipped teeth, stained teeth, or gaps between teeth that they would like to hide.

Enamel shaping, bonding, braces, and gum contouring are other successful treatments that can be used to help your teeth look their best.

I’m Dr. Bill Dorfman, a trusted and experienced Los Angeles dentist. If you are looking for quality dental care in the Hollywood, Century City, or California area, I hope you’ll give us a call at 877-703-7062 to schedule a consultation.

We offer sedation dentistry, Zoom whitening, porcelain veneers, and smile design.

4 Surprising Things to Know about Invisalign Braces

invisalignIf you’ve been talking to your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist about Invisalign braces, you’ve probably learned a lot about their benefits as well as their drawbacks. However, here are four things that you may be surprised to learn about Invisalign braces.

Some People Lose Weight

While Invisalign braces aren’t meant for weight-loss, some patients have found that wearing them for 20 to 22 hours a day can affect their eating habits. After all, you have to remove them every time you eat or drink anything other than water.

Since the aligners need to fit snug on your teeth in order to provide the ultimate straightening benefit, some people find it a hassle to remove them very often. Therefore, they remove them less frequently. The result is as much as a 15-pound loss in weight, according to some.

Certain Beverages are Problematic

Drinking cold water with your braces in place is fine. However, hot beverages can affect the shape and, therefore, the fit of the aligners. Additionally, some dentists suggest that you avoid sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages as well.

Normally, saliva helps break down and wash away food particles. The difficulty with Invisalign braces is that the aligner trays can hamper the ability of saliva to do its job. That’s why your Century City cosmetic dentist routinely reminds patients about the need to brush after every meal.

Many Dentists Add Attachments

One of the many benefits of wearing Invisalign braces is the fact that they are virtually invisible. However, some dental patients have difficult dental conditions that require additional features to get the best results.

That’s when some dentists will use strategically placed attachments to help move some teeth, while keeping others stationary. Attachments enhance the braces’ ability to move. Be sure to speak with your Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist about your particular situation and if attachments are necessary for you.

It’s Important to Brush Often

Generally, most dental professionals recommend brushing two to three times daily. However, with Invisalign you may find yourself brushing more often.

Specifically, you’ll need to brush, floss, and rinse after eating anything. Otherwise, you increase your chances of trapping food particles and plaque when you wear your aligners. The result is an increased risk of cavities, periodontal disease, and bad breath.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to fix your smile, Invisalign braces may be the right choice for you. Take time to speak with your Century City cosmetic dentist about how Invisalign can give you a better smile.